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Yesterday was one of the most exciting days of my life. I have taken the first step to riding the AIDS LifeCycle from San Francisco to Los Angeles by registering to ride and making my first donation. I'll ride 550 miles over 7 day. Just me, my bike, and a whole lot of people determined to improve the lives of others.

Though I cannot start accepting donations till July 11th these next few months will be full of bike rides, a new bike, butt butter, protein shakes, spandex, and hitting up everyone donations.

Just 34 days till I roll out!

A Weekend in Pictures

I hope everyone had a great fathers day! I visited my parents and for that reason today is going to be picture heavy. Currently I'm trying to contain my excitement for an announcement I get to make on Wednesday!
Got tattooed with my mom

Did some canning with my dad on father's day

And kept an eye out for some stellar blue jays that had left the nest above my parent's garage


Mondays are the key to our week I feel. How we start our week sets the tone for everything else we do. If we're playing catch up from the weekend, we'll be behind all week.

My week has been a week of catch up. I had a little too much sun over the weekend and ended up having to call in sick on Monday. I'm fine now, but I had drink a lot of water to re-hydrate and get the start of a migraine under control. Learn from my mistake and drink more water!

To continue my saga of being behind I found that the rear tire of my bike has a slow leak. For this reason I ended up taking the car to work every day but Friday. At first I needed to go get a new tube, then I was running late one morning, and to top it all off I have errands to run like everyone else.

So what should one do when they can't get a bike ride in and their week is hectic? They find time, no matter how short, to go do something active.This week I took at least two 15 minute walks per day, and on Wednesday tried a n…

In the Bag

At work the question I get asked most often is how do I manage to look professional after riding my bike in. The short answer is good planning. The long answer is this.

I have a backpack that has 4 total compartments and each one is designated for a purpose.

Small Front Pocket:
Work Key Card

Medium Front Pouch:
Makeup bag
Sunblock, 70 SPF
Lip Balm, 30 SPF
Snack Bar

1st Main Compartment:
Work Shirt
Flat Rolled Slacks
Work Socks
Flip Flops

2nd Main Compartment:
First Aid Kit

My main objective is to look and feel fresh when I clock in. This means I need at least 15 minutes to get changed, do my makeup, and boot up my computer. One of the tricks I have learned is to keep my work shoes and a hair brush at work. I bring fresh socks, and while my computer is booting up I change from my flip flops to my work shoes, and brush out my ponytail.

To make sure I have everything I need to ride is that even if I'm taking the train to work, and plan on riding my bi…

Gearing Up

Sometimes we dream of doing something and it feels so big that the dream begins to feel like a nightmare because it's just so big. That is how I feel about the Aids LifeCycle. I have always dreamed of traveling 545 miles on my bike in 7 days.

That's actually a lie. I've dreamed of the excitement of beginning and finishing the race, but the actual 545 miles on my bike seat over 7 days sounds hot, uncomfortable and like a heat rash in the making. When I begin to think of that many miles on my bike I feel like that it's insane, impulsive, and a lot of training. But it's been on my mind for most of this year, and so I have made the agreement with myself that IF I can find a comfortable fitting used race bike for $600-1000 (before replacing maybe the stem and the seat), that I'll do the 2018 journey.

Today is the first day of the 2017 journey, and I started training about 8 weeks ago, and in about 6 weeks I should be riding my bike the 18 miles round trip, everyday,…

A Start

Having completed week 4 of my self made training I feel I'm still a little lost in the world of cycling so I've created this blog with the intent of sharing what I'm finding out, good resources, and ideas.

In the world of cycling I've been trying to take the leap from casual commuter cyclist to endurance/racing cyclist, and it's really hard, especially as a woman. When I go bike shopping I'm met with less bike options, clothing options, and 90% of the pictures I see are of men cycling. Even the drawings of cyclists I see are primarily of men. It's a little off putting as I love riding my bike. I biked to and from school since the 6th grade. I got hit by a car on my bike, but I still want to bike everywhere.

My Trek is outfitted as a commuter bike with basket, lights, phone pouch, one water bottle, and tool kit. I'm trying to find a new race/endurance bike (more into the differences in another post), but when I go shopping I find primarily men's bike…