A Start

Having completed week 4 of my self made training I feel I'm still a little lost in the world of cycling so I've created this blog with the intent of sharing what I'm finding out, good resources, and ideas.

In the world of cycling I've been trying to take the leap from casual commuter cyclist to endurance/racing cyclist, and it's really hard, especially as a woman. When I go bike shopping I'm met with less bike options, clothing options, and 90% of the pictures I see are of men cycling. Even the drawings of cyclists I see are primarily of men. It's a little off putting as I love riding my bike. I biked to and from school since the 6th grade. I got hit by a car on my bike, but I still want to bike everywhere.

My Trek is outfitted as a commuter bike with basket, lights, phone pouch, one water bottle, and tool kit. I'm trying to find a new race/endurance bike (more into the differences in another post), but when I go shopping I find primarily men's bikes, and my local shop (that's also a chain) only has men's bikes to rent. This really pisses me off. The very nice sales men said they just don't have the fleet size to rent out women's race bikes along with the mens. I feel that the reason they don't sell more womens bikes is that they don't invest the money to give women the opportunity to test the bikes they sell in the first place. They offered me a 20 min test drive in the parking lot, which is a little concerning. A parking lot is not at all a safe place for a cyclist, and 20 mins is not long enough to test a bike to make sure it fits properly for day long rides.

So this is the start of my journey to find my race bike, and give beginners, women, and anyone who is looking resources to improve their bike riding experiences.


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