In the Bag

At work the question I get asked most often is how do I manage to look professional after riding my bike in. The short answer is good planning. The long answer is this.

I have a backpack that has 4 total compartments and each one is designated for a purpose.

Small Front Pocket:
Work Key Card

Medium Front Pouch:
Makeup bag
Sunblock, 70 SPF
Lip Balm, 30 SPF
Snack Bar

1st Main Compartment:
Work Shirt
Flat Rolled Slacks
Work Socks
Flip Flops

2nd Main Compartment:
First Aid Kit

My main objective is to look and feel fresh when I clock in. This means I need at least 15 minutes to get changed, do my makeup, and boot up my computer. One of the tricks I have learned is to keep my work shoes and a hair brush at work. I bring fresh socks, and while my computer is booting up I change from my flip flops to my work shoes, and brush out my ponytail.

To make sure I have everything I need to ride is that even if I'm taking the train to work, and plan on riding my bike home, I gear up completely in the morning like I would for a long ride.

I also take about 30 minutes the night before to pack my bag, lay out my cycling clothes, prep my morning green smoothie, and pack my bag.

This is also a handy list if you need to put together a gym bag. Being prepared is the best way to get to the gym.


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