Mondays are the key to our week I feel. How we start our week sets the tone for everything else we do. If we're playing catch up from the weekend, we'll be behind all week.

My week has been a week of catch up. I had a little too much sun over the weekend and ended up having to call in sick on Monday. I'm fine now, but I had drink a lot of water to re-hydrate and get the start of a migraine under control. Learn from my mistake and drink more water!

To continue my saga of being behind I found that the rear tire of my bike has a slow leak. For this reason I ended up taking the car to work every day but Friday. At first I needed to go get a new tube, then I was running late one morning, and to top it all off I have errands to run like everyone else.

So what should one do when they can't get a bike ride in and their week is hectic? They find time, no matter how short, to go do something active.This week I took at least two 15 minute walks per day, and on Wednesday tried a new weight lifting class that was 30 minutes, and then hit the treadmill afterwards to cool off. These little workouts led to about 45 minutes per day of exercise. If you can't find a huge chunk of time to workout try to break it up into mini workouts through the day. I find that even if I tell myself I'll just take 10 minutes to go for a walk that I can usually convince myself to keep walking for another 5-10 minutes. Getting past the stress and guilt of finding time to work out is half the battle, and once you've started you'll find more time than you originally thought you did.

Next week I will get back on my bike and get my miles. It'll hurt since I didn't get in any this week, and I have to stick to my training plan, but I will not beat myself up over it.


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